The East Rand Veterans Boxing Association is a non-profit organisation for the benefit of ex-boxers who are in need of financial or spiritual help.

The members and anyone interested in boxing have a social meeting once a month where memories of the past are recalled in order to keep the game alive for the veterans.

The Association meets on the second Thursday evening of every month at the Primrose Bowling Club, with snacks and tea available.

Our aim is to help any ex-boxer who is in need and we raise funds by way of donations, raffles and auctions. Members are also requested to pay a small monthly fee to the Association.

The Association was established on August 9, 1989 at a gathering held at the Germiston City Hall by former South African lightweight champion Tony Habib.

Former SA amateur middleweight champion John Lubbe was the first chairman and in 1992 former SA junior middleweight champion Coenie Bekker took over the chair.

In 1992 Teuns van Rensburg became chairman until his death in 1996 and was succeeded by Nigel Pera the current chairman.