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The ERVBA website is fast becoming a site of invaluable information. The articulate Historian Ron Jackson is without a doubt the MAN FOR THE JOB.  Ron lives, eats and sleeps boxing and you can be sure that the site will become the most valuable reference and accuracy on the history of South African boxing. Thank you Ron, this site will become a treasure for South African boxing.

Jeff Ellis (African Ring Magazine)

Well done on getting your website up and running. You guys do terrific work and it is important you get your message out there.
I’ll be checking in regularly to see the latest.The very best to you all.
Clinton van der Berg (SuperSport)

Dear Mr. Chairman

I hope that this letter finds you in good health and spirit. A former boxer myself and based at Kempton Park now.

I felt I must write to you as boxing is not just on the ropes but dead. I say this fully aware that those in power will disagree with me. The forties to seventies were good years and the best years where the mid-eighties to late nineties.

Boxing took place all over the country, so I loved South Africa.

Natal had Greg Clark and Sugarboy Malinga. The Eastern Cape had boxers like Happyboy Mgxaji, the Myta brothers and Ace Makaluza to mention just a few.

There were the White brothers from Port Elizabeth before moving to Cape Town. Also Sydney Hoho and the Blue Angel Bashew Sibaca.  

Johannesburg had the great Toweels, the two heavy weights Kallie Knoetze and Gerrie Coetzee, and Pierre Fourie and Denis Adams.

There was also Brian Mitchell, Dingaan Thobela, Daniel Ward and Aladin Stevens, the Steyn brothers, Pangaman Sekgapane, Terror Mathebula, Brett Taylor, Arthur Mayisela  and Harold Volbrecht.

If only we could all work together then we could have these hero's again.

Supersport must also not only be attached to two or three promoters.

Just a few ideas.

Kind regards.

Keith Summerton.